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The opening of the "theory of everything", the source of electricity and gravity does not happen because the science is on the wrong direction because of the inconsistency of quantum physics and relativity theory [1]. In the results as the physical basis of the universe called some of the particles that supposedly make up the atoms and from the interaction of which there are electromagnetic waves. And it is fundamentally wrong.
The scientific discoveries of Nobel laureates Paul Davies, David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine showed that delving into the matter, face the facts its complete disappearance. Swiss scientists from the European center for nuclear research (CERN) were able to simulate the "moment of creation" of matter from the immaterial world. Experts have proved experimentally that a portion (quantum) virtual waves under certain conditions it forms certain particles, while the other interactions of the same waves and particles completely disappear. [2].
According to the schrödinger equation "electrons are waves of probability, splashing inside their orbits— like the ebb and flow in a toroidal basin." [3]
Enrico Fermi (1901-1954), along with other physicists suggested that electrons and neutrinos before his departure from the radioactive nucleus do not exist in the kernel, so to speak, ready-made, but formed in the process of radiation. [4]
Keywords: electromagnetic waves, Creator, matter, photon, elementary particle, atom, duality, DNA, soul, brain, electricity, gravity, electromagnetic field, Collider

The contents
1.The formation of photons
2.ECH duality and the absurdity of the bosons
3.EMV is the Creator of matter
4.The formation of atoms and cells
5.Atoms – the source of electricity and gravity
6.The formation of DNA, the Soul, reincarnation.
7.What is the Brain.
1. The formation of photons
According to Coulomb's law when driving a constant current in the same direction along two parallel wires, the wires attract. Cm. Fig. 1

The interaction between EMV and currents

But since the movement of energy through the wires is similar to the movement EMV (Fig. 2 and 3), the latter also pulled together, forming photons. That is, the material particles – photons are formed and consist of EMV.

Fig. 2         Fig. 3
the movement of energy in              the movement of energy EMW
the conductor with a current

Fig. 4
The movement of magnetic energy

2. ECH duality and the absurdity of the bosons
If we turn to the various particle accelerators, which use accelerator beams emitted energy are being bombarded target, from which atoms supposedly emitted elementary particles, which are then recorded on the destination screens "on the one hand behave as waves, and with arc – like particles" [5]
By analogy with the formation of photons, these traces are formed from the same bombarding beams of electromagnetic effects', which are combined in quarks, bosons ECH other. And the more powerful energy bombardment of these accelerators, the stronger the traces obtained from the same quarks, bosons etc.. And those ehmv that are unable to be formed in the electron-boson - leave traces of ehmv.

3. EMW is the Creator of matter
Therefore "the Only Creator of the material world, the source of energy of motion and of life itself is electromagnetic waves, which pervades all space, from which are formed the atoms and cells. EMV are the carriers of electromagnetic energy and information, and given the occupancy their limitless space of the cosmos, EMW is infinite energy and information, which comprises energy and information system of the cosmos or the cosmic mind".

4. The formation of atoms and cells
The issues of interaction EMW matter (the matter) are considered in physics as the energy of the electromagnetic effects ' elementary particles constituent of atoms. Most strongly the action of the light wave occurs when its frequency coincides with one of natural frequencies of electrons in atoms or close to it.[6] But since we found out that atoms, and even more so in the cells, there is no electrons, then getting on the matter (e.g., leaves of trees) ehmv, the frequency spectrum of which coincides with this substance, thereby increasing the number of EMV in this matter. As a result of growing the cells themselves. And those EMV, which does not match the substance, are recorded. The cells of plants and living organisms grow only if the conditions necessary and sufficient for their formation.
In the absence of any of the necessary conditions for the growth of plants and living organisms ceases until death. And if you don't burn them, they rot and turn into soil and minerals. Similarly, the process of formation of atoms in contact EMV on their corresponding spectrum of the object under appropriate conditions. This is especially evident in deserts where sunlight is converted in the sand. As a result, over millions of years, the volume of the planet Earth increases with increase in gravity. So millions of years ago animals and people was of large dimensions. And at depths of hundreds of meters are the products of decay of plants – coal, oil, etc.

6. Atoms – the source of electricity and gravity
Based on the foregoing, in atoms are protons and electrons and the electromagnetic waves that make up atoms. But given that EMV is constantly moving, and moving within the atom can only be spinning in its own magnetic shell, created by the movement of the EMV, the result is a solenoid with a rotating energy ehmv at the ends of the axis of rotation of which are formed magnetic pole and the EMF. That is, each atom is a small magnet and a battery with EMF.
From physics we also know that when crossing the wire the magnetic field lines at the ends of the wire electromotive force occurs. This is because under the influence of the wire intersections of the magnetic lines of atoms leads to line up their ends of the axis of rotation EMV consistently "+" of a single atom to the "–" of the other. And since a lot of atoms, and each of them is a battery with EMF, then the serial connection gives the sum of the EMF of the entire chain of atoms. Therefore, the EMF at the ends of the wire, that is electricity.
When such atoms-magnets a lot – for example, a piece of solid bodies, the formation of which from a molten state the atoms are arranged corresponding poles to each other – it turns out a solid piece.
"So while flying in Space astronaut don Pettit watched in weightlessness first scattered bags of particles of sugar, salt, coffee powder was gradually connected to each other, that is, were drawn independently. Thus "Astronaut Pettit made a Grand discovery!": "In the micro gravity of space particles do not fly separately, but together. Dust particles collide among themselves, in the form of each other, grow to large particles". "Experiments conducted by the NASA astronaut, thanks to the BBC /11/ become widely known. But to explain the behavior of particles in this experiment, on the basis of modern physical concepts, is not possible" [7]".
This concept explains the interaction of the particles. Proof of atoms as a source of attraction (gravity) are also magnets made of iron, the axis of the atoms under the influence of the magnetic field created by electric current are arranged corresponding poles in the same direction, as a result, one end of the magnet produces a North pole of one of the outer atoms, and at the other end is the South pole of the atoms other end of the magnet. Thus magnetic energy is closed with the magnetic field lines outside the magnet, or interact with other magnets. And line up the atoms because the atoms themselves inside the consist of EMV, which rotate freely and not how some elementary particles according to the current interpretation of quantum physics.

7. The formation of DNA, the Soul, reincarnation.
We all eat the same thing, but each person has his own range of DNA, because this range of DNA is made during the process of sperm penetration into the egg. The spermatozoon is formed as a result of orgasm, which is manifested in the form of a powerful energy impact on the entire body men. According to Oriental knowledge in the formation of character, the abilities of the unborn child is affected by the energy of the nearest planet of the solar system. In addition to the short of energy at the time of conception of the planet on the formation of DNA the future of man effect:
is the future power of the father, which forms the sperm
- energy of the mother in the composition of the egg.
- energy areas of conception, nearest at the time of conception of the planet, which are continually changing,
- our Sun,
- the moon
the closest constellation in the energy field which at the moment of conception is our Sun to the Earth.
Thus, the formed DNA spectrum includes the spectrum of frequencies of electromagnetic effects ' of all influencing its formation objects are actually components of their unified informational system (EIS). As a result, all information available on the EIS forming each of the subject's DNA, are available and belong to the child. Therefore, some qualities of parents are transmitted to the child in the inheritance, that is called reincarnation or the transmigration of the soul until the parents of the parents etc. to infinity. That DNA forms the human soul is confirmed by numerous testimonies, as a result of organ transplantation from a donor with a more powerful DNA to patients – changing their character and habits. [8].

8. What is Brains
That the brain is "just the receiving device," said N. Tesla.[9]. That is, for the formation of a living cell in selection EMV appropriate spectrum of DNA takes place with the help of the brain, which have the appropriate configuration of the convolutions as the antenna that is configured on this range. And these meanders begin to form in the first weeks of life of the embryo under the influence of the energy of the EIS that shaped DNA. Confirmation of the fact that the convolutions of the brain depends on the character, ability, and other characteristics of a person that in fact is the human soul, are abundant evidence of when the damage configuration of convolutions of the brain changes not only the character but the consciousness, the memory of man. [18,19]. For example, a person nachinaet to speak on other yazykah.This indicates a lack in the substance of the brain information, which confirms the statement of the Director of scientific research Institute "the Brain" N. Bechtereva "But then you have to admit that the information came from outside, from space or from the fourth dimension."[10]

9. Conclusion.
This concept confirms the divine concept of creation of "everything" from "nothing", if "God the Creator" to take EMV, which filled all space and interacts with matter, and "nothing" to adopt EMV because the EMV are not a matter, therefore have no mass gravity.
The problem of modern physics in the fact that there is no clear definition of the basic physical concepts of matter, time, space, ehmv, ether, vacuum etc. This concept allows us to answer these and many questions of physics, including solves the so-called "theory of everything", explaining the interaction of micro - and macro - worlds. So in addition to the gravitational attraction of the body of the Earth there is a magnetic pull from the Earth's rotation around its axis, because the rotational energy as in any solenoid creates a magnetic field the Earth's magnetic axis. Therefore, despite the fact that the gravitational attraction of matter between the earth and the Moon is almost two times less than that between the Sun and the Moon, (the force of attraction between the moon and Earth Fпр.L.Z. ≈ 1,98 * 1020 N. the gravity of the moon to the Sun Fпр.L.With. If 4,33 * 1020 N. - their attitude Fпр.L.With./Fпр.L.Z. ≈ 2,2.)., The moon is held by the magnetic field of the Earth in addition to the gravitational field of the Earth.

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