6. What is "Soul"

6.1. Soul in the usual sense.

According to many idealistic, dualistic philosophical directions and religious factions, the human soul is immortal substance, intangible essence, which expressed the divine nature of his personality, initiating and contributing life, abilities, feelings, thinking, consciousness, feelings and will, as contrasted with the body.
In the ordinary understanding of what a "soul" the vast majority of people understands with the filing of religion as "something" indweller in the body of a man in early life and leaving the body for getting into heaven or hell. Also the "soul" is our thoughts, consciousness, intelligence, character traits, memories, images, visions, etc. We also know and see that ability, appearance parents, some diseases are inherited to the children. Though some hereditary defects and talents are not transmitted directly to the children, and sometimes grandchildren, passing children. We also say that "sins" committed by parents affect the offspring. But as it happens, we are presented with by the Church as "God". Before Church we were even convinced that the earth was the centre of the world. And those who argued that the Earth is only a part of the universe and revolves around the sun who disagreed with the tenets of religions, was burned at the stake. The Church has now admitted they were wrong.

6.2. What is the Soul in the physical sense

The topic of "Soul" is the source in the notion of man as a rational being. It is soul energy are the starting point, which forms the person as a thinking material beings. So what is a man and his "soul", is formed when and by whom, and how it interacts with space and body? As genetic data are transmitted from parents to children?
In the research Institute "BINAR" belonging to the Russian Academy of medical and technical Sciences, there are devices that help to heal the patient, radiating a kind of "bioenergy". So complex "Aura-TM" and, based on the chakras and acupuncture points, replaces the psychic. In the words of the laureate of the State prize of Professor Oleg Mashkov: – "As a doctor I can diagnose effect." "Lie down under the "Aura" half an hour a week, like clockwork, run", - shares her experience of doctor Nicholas In March 2006 in the newspaper "Izvestia" reported that "STUDIES of RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS CONVINCE us that the SOUL IS, IT is MEASURED, IT RADIATES ENERGY." Maksimov. "We're not psychics work, our devices are more reliable. The therapeutic effect in 80% of cases." The Director General of the research Institute "BINAR" D. Edward Hook says: "We managed to find the key to understanding the physical processes describing the psychic impact". Thus, found: Biofield. And it measured. And the range is defined. 7-8 millimeters, that is, in the radio frequencies. And proved that man is an open resonant circuit, the point of acupuncture - wave diode, and the whole world the air is permeated with virtual photons, not knowing no barriers".
Academic all-Russian center of medical accidents "Protection" head of the scientific-practical centre Anatoly Zubarev said that managed to prove absolutely fantastic opportunity to record the radiation that comes from the pharmaceutical product, and then transfer this information to a living being. That is, each material has its radiation or aura, or soul.
Thus, scientists of the research Institute "BINAR" it is proved that the soul is the human biofield in the form of energy, on which was written about this person all the information, and you can change, fix, etc. under the influence of his own consciousness and external factors. That is, ekstrasensorika exist. For such "revelations" in the middle age were burned at the stake, to prevent dissent, spreading fear, religion to the masses. Today, many formal medical institutions is autogenic training, which also corrected the aura, the soul of man. Also any element of the periodic table has the aura in the form of inherent only to this element radiation spectrum.

6.3. When and who formed the soul

If you take in different parts of the human body DNA samples and to carry out the spectral analysis, we can see that the entire body has the same energy range. While each person has their own range. This suggests that the body of each person is formed from a specific spectrum of frequencies of electromagnetic waves. That is why each person has their own personal fingerprints and the arrangement of the convolutions in the brain, because brains on the fingers and brain begin to form from the moment of conception as antenna tuning to personal to each individual spectrum of electromagnetic waves. Thus, every person's body grows from the energy of a particular energy-information system of the cosmos (AISC), which is formed at conception, the child of the following EIS:
- the father, which forms the sperm,
- expectant mother.
- the territory of conception, and therefore there is the notion of "Native land helps", since the energy spectrum of the territory of conception influences the formation of his mental and spiritual abilities. That is the power of the person and site of origin are in compliance
-.nearest at the time of conception of the planet - like effect known as "Zodiac Signs" that affects the person's character,
- our Sun, which is constant for all earthlings,
- nearest constellation energy field which at the moment of conception is our Sun to the Earth. This EIS is changed in several thousand years with the flights of our solar system under the influence of EIS other constellation, which leads to climate change on Earth and worldview of humanity.
Therefore, from the energy spectrum of conception formed human cells. Proof that the EIS is formed at conception is that if conception occurred from a single contact with a random man, the unborn child retains all the genetic data of this man, even if he doesn't know about the birth of their child. Or if women had multiple partners, paternity is determined by matching the DNA of a child and one of the men.
Thus, the soul (aura, EIS) is not installed in the person, and that the soul creates the man from the moment of conception. But official science policy and argues that the soul is infused at the time of birth. Therefore, in the U.S. a U.S. citizen is anyone born on their territory, although in reality the human body is formed from the energy of the territory of conception.
Some may argue that the sperm can enter the uterus without intercourse and get the child. The nurturing of the child in a surrogate mother without intercourse. Yes. But the sperm created from energy EIS father, which already contains the necessary information. Although such children, like cloned animals, can not be normal offspring, as children conceived in a drunken or drug condition.
During ejaculation the whole energy EIS men and also acts on the woman. As Vice versa. And if the partner has a bad energy or it does not correspond to energy, negative energy affects the second half, regardless of the availability of condoms and other safety equipment. As for energy, the condom is not an obstacle. And if sexual contact is carried out randomly, like prostitutes or lovers numerous contacts, they accumulate all of the negative energy partners. That's why prostitutes over time cease to have an orgasm and the possibility of pregnancy. And if these fans and get children, they inherit all the "charms" of these negative energies. It is because of promiscuity, drugs, Smoking, drinking, and it turns out a lot of defective children. Not to mention the diseases themselves fans of promiscuous sex. No wonder in many religions preach chastity of the girl before marriage that retains the virginal purity of her soul and body. This applies to the guys. Therefore one must get married as soon as possible, but we impose the opinion that it is necessary to work up, resulting in elderly people pick up different energy contagion and the children will be sick. What we now have.

6.4. Reincarnation – the transmigration of souls

As we have seen, the soul is formed during the conception of a common spectrum multiple energy information systems (EIS) – parents, the territory, the nearest planets, the sun and the nearest constellation. Therefore, the soul of the parents are part of the soul of the child, so they are on the same frequency emws, thus they are energetically connected to each other as a receiver-transmitter, configured on the same wavelength. That is, the souls of the parents as if possessed (reincarcerate) in the soul of the child. That is why mother is thousands of miles away feels when her child something happens.
Thus all the activities of any person occurs under the influence of electromagnetic waves (emws) and is remembered, as if he persists and persists on these emws its EIS. However, except for parents EIS in the composition of the human soul EIS includes the territory, the planets, the sun and the nearest constellation, all the information from the EIS is included with the souls of people who were conceived under the influence of this EIS, and from the activities of each person is recorded on these emws EIS. That is, those who were conceived on the same territory in the composition of his soul EIS have this territory. Who was conceived under the influence of a particular planet, nearest at the time of conception, he has a part of his soul EIS this planet, what is known as the Zodiac signs.
But as all the time, changing the position of the planets, the children conceived on the same site and from the same parents have similarities with them, but their characters differ. Also on the ratio of the planets at the moment of conception, including signs of the Zodiac parents, depends on the sex of the baby. Therefore, the same soul can't be – and can only move a part of another soul in the form of specific EIS, which may be permanent. And EIS from the planets is changing all the time.