5. The origin of life on Earth

5.1. Existing theories

The question of the origin of life on Earth is one of the most complex issues of modern science, which until today has not been a clear answer. There are many theories of the origin of life on Earth, the most famous being:
theory of spontaneous (spontaneous) nucleation;
- theory of creationism (or creation);
- theory of the stationary state;
- the theory of panspermia;
- the biochemical theory of evolution (theory of A. I. Oparin).
The first theory was the theory of spontaneous (spontaneous) nucleation. This theory was prevalent in Ancient China, Babylon and Ancient Egypt as an alternative to creationism. The closest theory of spontaneous generation was Aristotle (384-322 BC), who believed that under suitable conditions, the active principle is present in sunlight. But with the spread of Christianity, the theory of spontaneous generation of life was not in favor: it recognized only those who believed in witchcraft and worshipped evil spirits. But Aristotle, in his foreknowledge was right: until the nineteenth century in the scientific community there was a perception about the "life force" — a certain all-pervading substance that causes to emerge alive from non-living (frogs from the swamp, larvae of flies from meat, worms from the soil, etc.).
The theory of creationism (or creation by God). But this raises the question of who created God, the more that different religions have their own gods. This theory is consistent with the theory of "Initial Bang" for the formation of the Cosmos (the Universe), which also raises the question – who created the original material or energy point.
According to the theory of Panspermia life could be brought to Earth from space. The most likely organisms of extraterrestrial origin of meteorites and cosmic dust. But even if the microorganisms are trapped on the Earth and gave rise to life on our planet, the question about the original origin of life would have remained unanswered.
Academician A. Y. Rozanov, head of the Commission for astrobiology at the Russian Academy of Sciences, believes that life on Earth was brought from outer space[18]
The theory of the stationary state in the life and Earth exist initially and was not created. However, this contradicts the astronomical and geological data, according to which the earth was created 4.6 billion years ago.
In 1924, the future academician Oparin published the article "Origin of life", which in 1938 was translated into English and has revived interest in the theory of spontaneous generation. The theory was sound, except for one problem: the Theory has been unable to offer a solution to the problem of exact reproduction.
Therefore the problem should be considered more broadly – not only as her appearance in General "by magic God" or registered aliens, but also to determine - on the basis of which billions of lives are born, multiply and develop in the course of years and decades. Each species has a General shape, but no complete copies.

5.2. Life occurs through Space

Assuming that life brought by aliens in finished form, how on Earth were millions of different species of living organisms in various parts of the world? In addition - according to numerous reports on the Ground are traces of previous civilizations. Even found in different parts of the Earth human footprints next to the tracks of prehistoric animals that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. That is, human civilization on Earth emerged and stopped more than once. The different species of animals are extinct and now extinct, and new species are appearing. That is, if we assume that life brought to us by the aliens, they have to bring her I couldn't.
But according to the theory of "spontaneous generation" of life on Earth could begin as soon as have any necessary and sufficient conditions for its emergence. While opponents of this theory correctly raised the question: how are these primary cells to repeat the process of formation and development? Although here it should be added that not only the primary cells. On Earth, there is a conception and are born every second people, animals, birds, grow plants, not to mention the different microbes. And when all of them are like their ancestors in their structure – hands, feet, head, torso and all the same organs. Because these processes are repeated an infinite number of times, with the same or a more developed end of life. And this cannot be done unless there are certain programs, algorithms of actions for the formation of similar cells and other living organisms. That is impossible without a definite programme of action to grow from seed is almost a copy of what gave rise to the seed, be it a fruit tree or a person.
So in order to create many simple parts or complex mechanisms, it is necessary to have a program, drawings and a plan of action, the appropriate tools and materials. And here is created not just an inanimate object and a living organism that grows itself for decades, but also reproduce their own kind, consisting of millions of cells, each of which also grows from almost nothing. While none of these living beings are not exact copies of each other. Consequently, processes are common to all individuals of this type of program, but with personal variances are strictly on an individual basis. But such creations are billions and they occur constantly. And depending on the influences of other conditions may develop different modifications about the same subjects. For example, from the same father and mother work looks a bit similar, but quite different in character kids – boys and/or girls. How does the process of creation of life on earth, where are the building material and the programs of its growth and development?
From physics we know today (if Darwin didn't know – radio Popov came later) that the information is distributed by means of electromagnetic waves at the carrier frequency which are programs in the form of pulses of information. That is, the carrier wave carries energy information pulses. So we get television messages, mobile communications, computer software, control the operation of spacecraft. Already reached nanotechnology, wave the frequency of which correspond to parameters the frequencies of electromagnetic waves of the cosmos. For example, the same sunlight, from which radio waves will differ only in amplitude and frequency. And if people create computer programs that actually work and debug themselves virtually without human intervention, what the space with his unlimited energies and information recorded on the electromagnetic waves of the cosmos worse people? How do we take these programs, and in dreams, knowledge? After all, the man himself is a creation of energy in the cosmos. How can the energy of the space to be created atoms of the same element in parts per billion quantities without a single algorithm, unified program of their formation? The answer can only be that emws space written program of formation of matter from energy these emws. That is matter itself consists of electromagnetic waves generated in the atoms and cells in specific programs. While the same program on the radio waves, and, consequently, on the cosmic waves consist of a series of pulses of energy that are located on a carrier wave energy of the cosmos.
Why don't we think about this question of the formation of matter? Because this process happens transparently, without any human intervention and our consciousness as opposed to creating a simple detail of any material on sophisticated technology. In the latter case, it is necessary to apply mechanical (physical) force to move the same starting material, to adjust the equipment, etc. And in the case of the formation of matter in the form of atoms and cells from energy emws energy travels at the speed of light and is converted into atoms or cells, to whole organisms by programs that are on these same emws.
Thus, life on earth was formed on the basis of space programs in the presence on Earth of necessary and sufficient conditions for its emergence. And not incidentally someone imported or created by God, if certainly not to consider God the Creator of these electromagnetic waves. Nothing is random and everything happens the result of the creation of appropriate conditions. If there are necessary and sufficient conditions – the process is in accordance with these terms. And nothing else. But it is sufficient to remove at least one necessary condition, life immediately stops.
And the person on Earth would not be, if there were need for life conditions. That is, the Land is notable in that it has the necessary conditions for the existence of today's flora, fauna, flora and fauna. Time is necessary for this condition, and in the universe there are billions of different programs for the formation of living matter, it is natural under the influence of these programs formed the different species of life. Similarly, on other planets in the Universe where the conditions exist for the origin of life, this life also exists. And such planets in the universe must be countless.