4. The structure of atoms
4.1. The history of the development of the worldview of the atom

"Atom" – in translation from Latin means "indivisible". However, with the development of science, the atom appears as a monolithic state. So in the beginning of the last century as the structure of the atom were proposed following model of an atom: a) Thomson (plum pudding), b) Rutherford C) Bohr planetary model, which were taken as the main model of Niels Bohr. At the same time it was discovered radioactivity, which in our time know even elementary school students. Over time, an intuitive hypothesis Boron was replaced by the strict systematic formulation in the framework of the laws of quantum mechanics and, in particular, the concept of dual nature of particle — wave-particle (see additionality). Today, the electrons are not microscopic planets orbiting the atomic nucleus, as waves of probability, splashing inside their orbits — like ebb and flow in toroidal pool and obeying the schrödinger equation.

4.2. The dualism of elementary particles

In publications of various sources reported: scientists stumped by the fact that one side elementary particles behave as waves and as particles of matter. So if you point at the screen the electron beam on the screen will be clearly traced characteristic wave bands of peaks and valleys in the intensity of radiation, i.e., the electron will behave like a wave. On the other hand, if to fire electrons one by one, each of them will leave a clear trace on the screen — that is, to behave as a particle. Most interesting is that the same thing will happen if, instead of a beam of electrons you take a beam of photons in the beam they will behave as waves, and individually — like particles (see the Experience of Davisson—Germer).
In other words, in the microcosm objects which behave like particles, as would "remember" its wave nature and Vice versa. This strange property for the objects of the microworld has been called quantum wave-particle duality. Conducted a variety of experiments with the aim to "expose the true nature of" quantum particles: using different experimental techniques and installations, including such that would allow midway to the receiver to detect the wave properties of individual particles or, conversely, to determine the wave properties of the light beam through the characteristics of individual quanta. All in vain. Apparently, the quantum-wave dualism objectively inherent to elementary particles.

4.3. The structure of the atom according to the new worldview

In modern science can't explain the duality of elementary particles for the reason that on this issue I look "the wrong way". So if the structure of the atom to be considered by N. Bor is made up of protons, neutrons and electrons, resulting from the disintegration of atoms or their interaction, it is also composed of atoms must be all elementary particles, which appear as a result of atomic fission or radiation in the interaction of these atoms. That is, the atom in this case seems to be made up of many elementary particles, and not only of protons, neutrons and electrons. Especially absurd that this seemingly positive proton and negative electron, according to physical laws must be connected and to be neutralized, but by the laws of quantum physics seems to exist in the atom separately. That is contrary to the laws of physics is the unification and neutralization of particles of opposite charges is not happening. But also protons, which allegedly constitute the nucleus of the atom, also did not fly. Consequently, this approach to the structure of atoms is wrong, as evidenced by, and is not understand the nature of elementary particles in the light of the existing concepts of atomic structure.
But judging from the current understanding of the electron "as waves of probability, splashing inside their orbits — like ebb and flow in toroidal pool", and that photons behave similarly to electrons, and protons and neutrons, like all elementary particles are waves inside their fields. Consequently, the whole atom is made up of waves, but it's not some kind of "probability waves", and the electromagnetic wave that pervades the entire Cosmos.
That is, the processes of formation of atoms of a specific element occur at one and the same algorithm on the same program from the same electromagnetic waves corresponding spectrum. Evidence of this is emitted by the energy spectrum of the atoms that determines the name of the element. Similarly, each elementary particle is formed on its programme of electromagnetic waves, which are formed by the decay of atoms. This suggests that in fact the "duality" of elementary particles is that they like the material particles are composed of waves. In the case of decay of atoms formed part of EM wave has time to transform into elementary particles or not time remaining waves. As a result, the wall of the chamber obtained traces of particles and waves. Similarly, from a quanta of energy of electromagnetic waves are the atoms that form specific for this element of the program. Therefore, all matter is composed of electromagnetic waves of the Cosmos.

4.4. The source of electricity and gravity

4.4.1. Existing theories of the origin of gravity

If the question of the origin of electric charges simply stated the fact that the electrons – negative charges and protons – positive, in search of sources of gravity there are countless directions – "string Theory, M-theory, Loop quantum gravity, etc. While none of the proposed theories does not create a clear concept of gravity. So Quantum gravity is the direction of research in theoretical physics, the core of which is the quantum description of the gravitational interaction (and, in case of success, — the Union thus gravity with the other three fundamental interactions, i.e. the construction of so-called "theory of everything").But despite extensive research, the theory of quantum gravity is not yet built. The main difficulty in its construction is that two physical theories that she's trying to tie together quantum mechanics and General relativity (GR) is based on different sets of principles.
As you can see all these complex theories do not provide a solution to this issue, although the attraction exists. So while flying in Space astronaut don Pettit watched in zero gravity first scattered bags of particles of sugar, salt, coffee powder was gradually connected to each other, we have attracted on their own. Thus "Astronaut Pettit made the Grand opening!": "In the micro gravity of space particles do not fly separately, but are joined together. Dust particles collide with each other, growing together, grow to larger particles". "Experiments conducted by NASA astronaut, thanks to the BBC /11/ became widely known. But to explain the behavior of particles in this experiment, on the basis of modern physical notions, it is not possible" (http://gennady-ershov.ru/na-zemle/rozhdenie-planet.html).

4.4.2. The source of gravitation and electricity

So where does the mutual attraction of particles of matter?
"In 1913, a young French mathematician E. Cartan said: "In nature must exist field parodies rotation". In 20 years the number of works in this field were published by A. Einstein. To the 70th year has formed a new field of physics – the theory of Einstein – Cartan, which was the basis of the theory of torsion fields, or torsion fields. And the rotation is everywhere: the electron revolves around the nucleus, the nucleus around its axis, the planet around the Sun, rotates everything. And each element of rotation (small and large) creates its own torsion field. These fields of elementary particles, atoms, molecules, people, planets, etc. are merged in the Universe, forming the Informational field of the Universe, or, as it is called, the field of Consciousness of the Universe." (Science and the subtle world)
By analogy with gravity - gravity of matter there is the attraction of magnets and wires during the flow through it of an electric current. It kind of suggests that gravity and gravity had something to do with the energy of electromagnetic waves. But the electromagnetic wave does not have a magnetic attraction to material objects, resulting in this wave propagates in a straight line. But once the electromagnetic wave is formed in the atom as a closed space in the form of a solenoid of the rotating flow of the energy of electromagnetic waves, there is a potential difference and the magnetic axis, which serves as the attracting force. That is, the sources of attraction (gravity) and electricity (voltage and charge) is the rotating energy of the electromagnetic Waves that make up the atoms.
In the presence of a huge number of atoms, their total magnetic component increases, resulting in an accumulated atoms attract each other, and according to Newton's law of gravity depends on the mass, i.e. the number of atoms as the materialized energy, and the distance between objects.
But apart from the gravitational energy of the mass of the Earth according to Newton's law, there is the energy of magnetic force from the rotation of the Earth around its axis, because The land, consisting of a large number of atoms, energy facilities which rotates and forms a giant solenoid that leads to the emergence of the magnetic axis and shell, and, therefore, additional to the gravitational pull of added magnetic attraction.

4.5. Energy emws

Thus, the energy of Electromagnetic waves is:

- - information and media
- Creator and building material of matter
- the source of movement and life itself,
- source of gravity and electricity, other forms of energy,