3. Electromagnetic waves

3.1. The physical essence of emws

From physics it is known that Electromagnetic waves (hereinafter emws) represent the interaction of electric and magnetic vectors, resulting in their rotation and movement perpendicular to their plane of rotation. Thus, precaution is a native of electrical and magnetic energy of a specific frequency of rotation.
The most well-known and easy to understand, and explore a part of the energy of electromagnetic waves ("EM energy") are radio waves. These emws in the form of oscillations can be seen on the oscilloscope. What is different about radio waves from cosmic radiation? Only frequency and wavelength. So radio waves have wavelengths from 10 km to 2 mm (30 KHz – 150 GHz), the optical spectrum of cosmic energies, respectively, from 2 mm to 10 nm (150 GHz to 10 at 16 degrees Hz) and gamma radiation of less than 10 nm (more than 10 in the 16-th degree Hz).

3.2. Wave theory

Wave theory says that matter is composed of electromagnetic waves. "The field structure of elementary particles, where the particles of matter that make up the substance are interference-wave picture of quantum fields are quantized as the wave formation, the excited state of the field" http://alemanov.da.ru/
On the basis of the unity of the nature of matter and fields, and views that matter particles are excited States of the field - "bunches of electromagnetic energy", wave theory examines the structure of elementary particles as combinations of different types of discrete electromagnetic waves: transverse, longitudinal, standing (photons, leptons, hadrons). The theory shows that, given the quantum nature of the field perturbations, then we can construct and calculate not only the discrete transverse electromagnetic wave (disturbance) - photons and other elementary particles. http://prometheus.al.ru/phisik/alemanov.htm/
At first glance it is difficult to imagine, and it's perfectly natural that all matter has a field nature, and the substance consists of electromagnetic waves.... SRT has created the preconditions for reading electromagnetic radiation is a form of matter and light quanta - a real elementary particles." Physical encyclopedic dictionary. PHOTON. http://prometheus.al.ru/phisik/alemanov.htm

3.3. Emws is an energy source and information carrier

We also know from physics that emws are information carriers in the form of electrical pulses, the sequence of which represents different stories, movies, action, talk (radio, telephone), a computer program, the program of formation of atoms, cells, growth of living organisms, etc. according to law of conservation of energy - energy emws does not occur and do not disappear, but is transformed into heat or matter. So sunlight is the plant that turns into leaves and stems. As a product of combustion goes back to the sunlight the fire. Here a natural question arises – what makes on the same soil grow different varieties and types of plants, how and what atoms are formed with identical properties, which nucleate and grow billions of people, and they all have the same bodies – hands, feet, etc.?

3.4. Energy emws is the Creator of matter

In order to produce hundreds of identical parts or hundreds of thousands of identical machines, you must first think through and develop a technology, program, to prepare the necessary equipment, materials, deliver, and install them to run the manufacturing process and obtain the corresponding product. What are our thoughts? This movement of information in the form of pulses of energy, which, as we know from physics, are electromagnetic waves and travel at their help. But if you do not perform all of the technology in accordance with the drawings and description, the product will not meet the required parameters. And now we have reached a stage of development that many operations in enterprises actually occur without human intervention programme incorporated in the computer.
But in order to grow the tree or grass on the ground has to drop a seed, it needs to water the rain to warm sunshine and through the weeks, months, or years, we get a grass or a tree, all the trees and plants have trunks, branches, foliage, flowers, as if they have a common program of growth, with modifications depending on the species and variety. Where are these programs, because in this process in a forest is not involved? The answer is only one on the electromagnetic waves of the cosmos, as well as on the Internet, we get software for your computer with the help of emws. What trees grow? Of electromagnetic waves, which move themselves, unlike the parts and tools we need to mix in the manufacture of parts. Proof of this is the burning of trees, at which there is a fire, which is electromagnetic waves.
Also on Earth are born and grow thousands of different species of animals, birds, people, though each type has its own patterns in thousands of copies. And this is possible only when there is a specific program of growth for each species, which are at emws, and building material, which again, is the emws. Consequently, they grow on specific programs that exist in Space. After all, if we humans, as creations of the cosmos – can write programs, why the cosmos with its unlimited possibilities is not able to create the necessary programs?

3.5 What is primary.

" The eternal debate about what is primary, consciousness or matter is finally resolved, alas, not in favor of atheists. Cascade latest scientific discoveries of Nobel laureates Paul Davis, David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine showed that, delving into matter, are faced with the full facts of her disappearance. Swiss scientists from the European center for nuclear research (CERN) went even further: they were able to simulate the "moment of creation" of matter from the immaterial world. Experts demonstrated experimentally that the portion (quantum) of the virtual waves under certain conditions, some forms of particles, and at another the interaction of these waves the particles completely disappear. http://soznanie.info/mt_pusto.html."
This experience confirms that matter is created from Electromagnetic waves. Although in the question itself protivopostavlyalsya "consciousness or matter". How correlates of "Consciousness" and emws?
Consciousness in the physical sense, is the movement of information, which, as we know from physics, is only possible with the help of emws. And emws of the cosmos with the energy and information, including programmes of formation of matter is the substance that is omnipresent - present in every millimeter of Space, which we constantly see and feel. We have vast expanses of Space filled with an infinite number of electromagnetic waves with infinite information, a component of the energy system of the cosmos, or the Supreme cosmic mind, which creates a matter. Thus it is the primary energy emws, and doeth that which is matter, is the only driving force, and therefore the Creator of life itself in the Universe.

3.6. Consciousness and Higher mind – Nookosmizm

Each planet, star, constellation, galaxy, etc. have EISK. Like every person, a tree, each stone, each atom of the periodic table of elements corresponds to their range of energy with their own information. Because each element of its spectrum of radiation - and this is information about him: I - hydrogen, or - I, oxygen, etc. And depending on the elemental composition of planets, stars, etc. it also gives information about itself as a set of information from each atom.
Thus, at infinite electromagnetic waves (emws) space contains any information contained in a sequence of pulses of energy, which are the actual programs that happen all processes in the cosmos, therefore, in separate planets, in some regions, and in individual lives. These programmes formed the atoms, cells, grow and develop as an individual living organisms and plants, and whole peoples with their traditions, language and national consciousness. For violation of holistic cosmic process from the people of the cosmos as a self-regulating system rejects those processes and programs that lead to a disturbance of the harmonious development of every space object – whether it is a single planet, a nation, a territory, a separate life. This information system space and is thus "Higher cosmic mind".
Consciousness, the mind of each person associated with "higher cosmic mind" using your brain as an antenna having specific to the individual configuration of the convolutions of the brain that are configured on the corresponding AISC. And this is natural because we are the creation of this "higher cosmic mind" with his boundless energy – information, a form of existence which is the matter in the form of materialized energy. So famous dictum of K. E. Tsiolkovsky: "the earth is the cradle of the mind" is wrong, because the mind is initially the existing substance of the Cosmos, who creates matter and life itself. Mind, thought and consciousness is the movement of the pulses of information on the electromagnetic waves of the cosmos.
Based on the foregoing, on the basis of the law of conservation of energy is necessary to state:
Electromagnetic energy electromagnetic waves that is the only source of motion, the source of life, Creator of the entire material world, i.e. the energy of emws is the Creator God, which is heard by all. But supposedly no one saw him, although we see light from distant stars, we constantly feel the light of our sun, sacred icons also radiate positive energy. That is, the Creator-God in the form of emws we see and feel, but understand that it's a very small portion of one energy-information system of the Cosmos (LISC)– that is, the one Creator, called in the public consciousness - God.