2. Processes in the universe

2.1. Existing theories about the Universe

Currently a single point of view, is the universe really infinite or finite, the universe exists initially or as a result of a big Bang, a stationary universe or expanding in the world of science does not exist. The model describes an expanding Universe the fact of expansion, but in the General case is not considered, when and why the universe began to expand. At the core of most models of the evolution of the universe is General relativity and its geometric nature of gravity. https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Вселенная
This occurs in consequence of the fact that virtually all theories, including General relativity, one HUNDRED, string theory, gravity, etc. are not built on practical experience and natural knowledge, and on theoretical assumptions and mathematical calculations. Give some good mathematical scheme to perform some calculations – the most characteristic feature of quasisovereign abstract physics. However, mathematical calculations, as good as they are, cannot in no case to give out for fundamental physics.

2.2. The universe exists initially

The proposed new worldview "Nookosmizm" claims that the universe is infinite and there originally. The infinity of the Universe is confirmed by the simple understanding that any amount, any space should be at an even larger space. So each galaxy is located in the Metagalaxy, that, in turn, more supergalactic and end to these attachments no. Based on this - expanding infinite Universe at least sounds ridiculous to the entire Universe because infinity is impossible to expand. Although this may apply only to some moment of the existence of a specific part of the universe. So in many publications described the explosions of stars in different galaxies of the visible universe and what may be the beginning of the expansion process in this galaxy.
But still can be read, in particular that associated with the launch of a new Collider, which scientists want to determine the time of occurrence. Called even approximate figures 15 billion years, although to create and populate an infinite Universe from some of the initial explosion for any finite time. Therefore the universe is eternal.

2.3. The formation of star systems and planet Earth.

" By now, we have many hypotheses about the origin of the Solar system, including independently proposed by German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) and the French mathematician and physicist P. Laplace (1749-1827). Both theories come from a single idea – the Solar system originated as a result of a natural progression of the nebula. According to modern concepts, the planets of the solar system was formed from cold gas and dust cloud around the Sun billions of years ago by combining solids and dust particles. However, the process of formation of the Solar system cannot be considered to be thoroughly studied, and the proposed hypothesis – perfect. For example, in the hypothesis does not take into account the influence of the electromagnetic interaction in the formation of the planets. Clarification of this and other issues in the future. http://biofile.ru/bio/17271.html"
Future elucidation of the following.
Confirmation that no primordial explosion at a single point could not be is the occurrence of various solar systems with planets and satellites. According to astronomers in our galaxy over the last Millennium there were several explosions of stars. Supernova explosions is the driving force of the cycle of matter. They spew "galactic fountains" flows of gas from which new stars are formed. http://galspace.spb.ru/indvop.file/72.html#" confirmation of the fact that for the formation of stellar systems necessary explosions at least two stars into different parts of the universe in the following.
With the explosion of a bunch of superdense matter in only one place at one time, all material component from the explosion flew in all directions with the same speed and no solar systems with multiple planets and satellites would not be. As they fly from one point with the same speed small parts are attracted to big and fell on them. Any rotational motion of space objects would not. Therefore, the formation of solar systems is possible only with the mutual intersection of two or more streams of space objects from the explosions of heavy duty systems in different parts of the Universe. And these Large explosions occur regularly in different parts of the Universe. And considering her infinity with an infinite number of star systems and galaxies, such explosions in various parts of the universe occur regularly, if not every second. So scientists get data about the expansion of our galaxy suggests that our galaxy is evolving as a result of its Big Bang in our part of the Universe let's say 15 billion years ago. During these 15 billion years our galaxy was crossed by streams of cosmic objects from the explosions of stars in our galaxy and in other galaxies. The most large objects captured by its gravity smaller from crossing the stream, turned into stars with the formation of its planets.
If we look at the trajectory of rotation of the planets around our sun, we can see that most of our planets revolve around the Sun in roughly the same direction coinciding with the direction of axial rotation of the Sun, but the rotation of the planets around their axes different in relation to the sun. This indicates the influence of random factors on the formation of the solar system – torques are obtained from grazing incidence space objects (asteroids, comets, minor planets, clumps of matter, etc.) on the planet and the sun itself: the fall (or seizure) occurred from different sides. Consequently, with the Sun crossed a stream from the same explosion over in another part of the Universe. In this case the flow from one side of the sun was more powerful, resulting in captured the attraction of the body on the other hand was turning to face trapped bodies in the opposite direction. These counter body in a collision at a tangent was naturally given angular rotation of the more powerful objects, including the Sun itself. And depending on falling objects formed corresponding direction of rotation. So there is no occurrence of the whole Universe as a result of one Big Bang does not exist - the universe with infinite space there originally. Also initially there is limitless energy of electromagnetic waves with the limitless information and there is a limitless time. That is, they had not created.

2.4.The change in mass of the earth and its inhabitants

But the formation of planet Earth (and other planets and stars) occurs not only during the crossing space of flows. The earth is constantly growing in scope, as evidenced by archaeological excavations, when under the heavy rocks of the earth are entire cities.
This is indicated by deposits of oil and coal at a depth of hundreds of metres, which are products of chemical processes that have occurred since existed in these territories, millions of years ago forests. Huge in size and growth of the bones of prehistoric animals suggest that several million years ago the Earth's gravity was much less. All the result of falling on the Ground of the electromagnetic wave in the form of sunlight is converted into plant cells, in other atoms – for example – sand, and as a result increases the volume of the Earth. Also the increase of the Earth contribute to various meteorites which Land receives each year about 6 tons.

2.5. Climate change

Excavations in different parts of the Earth are the remains of animals and plants that do not correspond to the current climate in the area. This suggests that the Earth is regularly changing climate. This can occur because the axis of rotation of the Earth changes its tilt relative to the Sun, because the magnetic axis of the Earth is attracted to the nearest star system. We are now under the influence of the constellation of Pisces, but are gradually moving under the influence of the constellation of Aquarius. As a result flying every few thousand years from exposure to one constellation to another on Earth's changing climate. What we now perceive climate change in different parts of the Earth.

2.6. The magma of the earth and volcanoes

About what constitutes the core of the Earth, there are many versions. The proposed worldview corresponds to the version that inside the Earth due to the release of radioactive substances energy heats the center of the Earth, resulting in the inside of the Earth is formed of molten magma. From the obtained pressure from thermal expansion magma rises to the surface of the Earth in the form of volcanoes. Although the warming up of the internal composition of the planet is not only from radioactive elements, and from all the atoms, because each atom releases energy. And depending on the difference of the amount of its atoms energy and radiated into space its surface the amount of energy formed magma or not.
So on Earth and Venus, other planets of the solar system with a radius of more than 12 thousand kilometers away, has a magma and, accordingly, volcanoes, and Mars and mercury, have a radius of about 6 and 2 thousand km, and especially of the moon, magma should not be, and, consequently, volcanoes. The example of the Sun, which is when all the mass is made up of magma – only confirms this assumption.
So on Mars, there is currently no volcanic processes, and a solidified magma on its surface was formed as a result of explosions, formed during the formation of the planet from collision with other space objects. http://netnewz.ru/news/24201.html.
Seismic activity in specific regions of the Earth occurs under the influence of centrifugal force from the rotation of the planet from the impact of attraction of the other planets of the solar system. The greatest activity occurs during the "parade of planets", that is, when the planets line up in one direction relative to the Earth. Most of the activity may occur when the planets and the nearest constellation will be in the same side. This is most likely the arrival of the Apocalypse.