1. • Introduction
1.1. Key terms and definitions

1.1.1. The universe (or cosmos) is infinite unlimited space filled with electromagnetic waves and partly by matter. The infinity of the Universe is determined by the fact that any space is even more space - so any galaxy is in the Metagalaxy, which in turn is in even more space and there is no limit to it.
1.1.2. Vacuum (from lat. vacuus — empty) is by definition a void in which there is no matter, but all the space is filled with electromagnetic waves.
1.1.3. Ether is interstellar and airy space filled with freely propagation of electromagnetic waves with the information.
1.1.4. Electromagnetic waves (emws) in the free state is an immaterial substance that has no weight, that is, the magnetic attraction consisting of interacting electric and magnetic vectors. Emws is the only energy source and information carrier, including programs for the formation of elementary particles (ECH), atoms, cells, development of living organisms and the origin of life on space objects.
1.1.5. Energy is the only energy source in the form of EMF, magnetic and gravitational fields is the electromagnetic energy of electromagnetic waves. Energy emws is the sole Creator of the material world, the only source of movement and life itself. All other energy related to the interaction of material objects, including gravitational, kinetic, thermal, etc. are derived from the energy of electromagnetic waves.
1.1.6. The cosmic mind is the energy – informational system of the cosmos (AISC), consisting of an infinite number of electromagnetic waves that permeated the entire Space, which is infinite and comprehensive information in the form of programs for the formation of atoms, cells, the origin and development of life of each individual, individual Nations and races, of different living organisms, plants, in the form of life scenarios of past lives, etc.
1.1.7. Consciousness is the movement of pulses of information on emws. The human mind is managing the thoughts and actions of man. Cosmic consciousness is the control of the formation of atoms and cells, the emergence and development of living organisms, the source of information and knowledge.
1.1.8. The brain is a device for receiving and processing information obtained by the convolutions of the brain from energy information system (EIS) of a particular person.
1.1.9. "Soul" is a personal ESIS of man, which is formed during the conception of parents EIS, therefore, of all EIS ancestors, but also from the energy of the territory of conception, energy-informational system of the nearest planet and the nearest constellation.
1.1.10. Atom is a solenoid with a magnetic shell, which rotate in an electromagnetic wave, resulting in either the solenoid magnetic axis is formed and the potential difference at the edges of its axis. Thus, each atom attracts the other atoms, but a collection of atoms as little magnets in the composition of planets and other material objects creates the attractive power.
1.1.11. Gravity is an electromagnetic attraction created by atoms that comprise the material object – the larger the object, the more atoms, the stronger the gravitational field. If an object, such as Earth rotates, the rotating energy of a huge number of atoms creates a magnetic axis and the magnetic field around this object, which increases the gravitational pull.
1.1.12. Matter is something that has weight.

1.2. Abstract.
From the moment of occurrence "the person reasonable" - minded people naturally looked for the answer to the question: whence came man, nature and life itself? And long before Christianity (Ancient China, Babylon, Ancient Egypt) Aristotle believed that under suitable conditions the active principle is present in sunlight. But with the spread of Christianity the theory of spontaneous generation was not in favor. Nowadays this theory finds more and more supporters in the atheist movement. = But the task of the atheist movement cannot just be in denial of the religious God, who according to religious canons is the "Creator" of all things out of nothing, and in the formation of a new anti-religious worldview that answers the questions: "What comes first?", "What are we?" and "What is the Creator of the material world, the source of movement and life?". The answers to these questions are presented in a New worldview "Nookosmizm": the one and only the actual Creator of matter, the source of motion and of life itself is electromagnetic waves, which are ubiquitous, as befits God the Creator, because they permeated every micron of space is every atom, every cell. That is, the Creator, which in religions is God, there they are emws Space, which together constitute the energy system of the Cosmos or the Cosmic mind. = Many eminent scientists, including V. I. Vernadsky, N. In. Timofeev-resovskii, admitted the existence of the Cosmic mind as a kind of energy-field – the "Noosphere" associated with intelligent life on Earth. All science has been a constant realization that events do not occur arbitrarily, but reflects a certain hidden order...
Held in 1996 in Moscow conference "Science at the threshold of XX1 century - new paradigms", where Academician of RAS K. S. Kolesnikov, N. N. Moiseev, K. S. Frolov, President of the Association of technical universities Professor I. B. Fedorov, scientists from different regions of Russia and foreign countries adopted a global solution: "the Further science development is impossible without taking into account the phenomenon that we call a bio-field, energy-informational field". = Scientists MAI - MAYSU entered information and energy patterns of Nature. A single holographic information theory the Universe of G. B. Dvoyrin (1996, 1997), explaining the world from the point golografičnosti and information; energoinformational theory of heredity, variation and morphogenesis (EITNER) (REP'ev S. I., Barulin, V. N., 1997), which shows that these processes depend entirely on the systems of energy interactions.
- Research Institute "BINAR" came to the conclusion that the Soul of man is his aura, his energy field.
- Cascade latest scientific discoveries of Nobel laureates Paul Davies, David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine showed that, delving into matter, are faced with the full facts of her disappearance.
- Swiss scientists from the European center for nuclear research (CERN) have gone even further: they managed to simulate the "moment of creation" of matter from the immaterial world. Experts demonstrated experimentally that a portion (quantum) virtual waves under certain conditions it forms certain particles and by a different interaction of these waves the particles completely disappear. http://soznanie.info/mt_pusto.html." However, all these theories remain theories, not answering the major questions of the universe – the origin of life on Earth, the origin of the Earth and the Universe, the origin of the electricity and gravity, etc. = The new anti-religious worldview "Nookosmizm" answers the question – what initially is the Creator of the material world, showing the falsity of a religious God who created everything out of nothing for a few days:
Primary electromagnetic wave of Space, which are the sole Creator of the material world, the only building material that is composed of all elementary particles, atoms and cells, that is, all matter, the only sources of movement and life, the only carriers and sources of energy and information, including programs for the formation of atoms, cells, growth of living organisms and of the origin of life on Earth and other space objects. =In particular, this Outlook introduces amendments to the developments of Nobel laureates on the issue of the structure of atoms - N. Bohr and E. schrödinger, and I. Newton, proposing a new structure of the atom and addition to the law of universal gravitation.
So the attraction (gravitation) comes from each atom, because the atoms in contrast to the current proposed in 1911 N. Bohr structure of the atom with protons, electrons, etc. is wrong. In 1920, E. schrödinger proposed another model with the electron shell of the atom, but it's wrong – since electrons are represented as splashing waves, but as the shell in the structure of the atom.
According to my model of the structure of atoms - the atoms no protons, neutrons, electrons and other elementary particles – atoms are elementary particles and are rotating electromagnetic wave in the magnetic shell, created by emws – electrons and other elementary particles are formed out of atoms and cells. In this case, the rotation energy emws in atoms as in a solenoid creates a magnetic axis and the potential difference, that is, get the magnet and the EMF. This explains where in the atoms is taken the potential difference in electron volts and the charge, where does the attraction of atoms and material bodies to each other – gravity, as lots of little magnets (atoms) form a joint magnetic field, which is the gravitational field according to Newton's law - the greater the mass of bodies, i.e., the more atoms, the stronger the attraction to them of other such clusters of atoms.
But Newton's law does not take into account that in addition to the gravitational attraction of the earth matter, there is a magnetic attraction from the Earth's rotation around its axis, because of the rotation energy as in a solenoid creates a magnetic field of the Earth with the magnetic axis. Therefore, despite the fact that the gravitational attraction between the earth and the Moon is almost two times less than that between the sun and the Moon, (the force of attraction of the moon to the Earth Fпр.L.W. ≈ 1,98 * 1020 N. the force of attraction of the moon to the Sun Fпр.L.With. ≈ 4,33 * 1020 N. - their attitude Fпр.L.With./Fпр.L.W. ≈ 2,2. http://www.spacephys.ru/chto-silnee-pri … li-solntse), the Moon is held by Earth's magnetic field in addition to the gravitational field of the Earth. = At the present time, our earth, and our Solar system hurtles of energy information system (EIS) of the constellation of Fishes under the impact of EIS of the constellation of Aquarius. By analogy with the impact of EIS of the planets of the Solar system to the personal qualities of a particular person, what is known as the influence of the signs of the Zodiac, from the constellations change EIS must change the worldview of the entire population of the Earth. According to the predictions of a new world will come from Russia, as the Russian territory is the territory of Aquarius. This world view and I offer it for publication and discussion, as well as the candidate's dissertation.

1.3. Relevance.

.In contrast to the existing theoretical assumptions with attempts of their mathematical justifications for the proposed new worldview "Nookosmizm" comes from the obvious and natural knowledge that radically changes our view of the world from mythological, religious for science-based worldview. Aristotle said that all life comes from sunlight that is true. But the planting of a religious worldview that everything is created by a God, put a barrier to the development of natural, scientific worldview. The proposed worldview allows you to answer questions such as:
- what comes first,
- what is higher or cosmic mind
- what is the Creator of the material world,
- where did life on Earth
- what are formed and consist of elementary particles, atoms and cells
- source of gravity
- what is and is there a dualism of elementary particles,
- on the basis of what we grow,
- what is "Soul", when and by whom it is formed,
- what this "reincarnation",
- is circulation of energy in Space,
- as conceived and formed stars and planets,
-why regularly changing the Earth's climate
-where are the ghosts, UFOs and other mystic

1.4. The development and current state of worldview

"The last 35 years of his life albert Einstein tried to formulate a General field theory, simply put, tried to open the "formula" that describes the whole world, and all the other scientific truths emanate from them. But he failed to do in life. This fundamental problem of the twentieth century worked great minds: Dirac, Cartan, Clifford, Newman, Penrose and many others."
In the course of the twentieth century there have been many "theories of everything", but none of them were able to pass experimental verification or there are significant difficulties in the organization of experimental verification for some of the candidates. The main problem of the construction of a scientific "theory of everything" is that quantum mechanics and General relativity (GR) have different applications.
To build "a unified theory of the universe" or "theory of everything" scientists have resorted to proposing other theories like "string theory", "theory of fields", "relativity theory", "theory of physical vacuum", etc. and all it is trying to teach as the final decision. So, for example,
"The problem of creating a unified field theory have been resolved in the theory of physical vacuum, which was completed in 1988, the Russian scientist G. I. shipovym, the Academy of natural Sciences, Director of the Centre for physics of the vacuum. The theory of physical vacuum explains the whole world (and material, and thin) and all its manifestations in the language of formulas and strict scientific logic. Physical vacuum and torsion fields – the basis of the subtle world. Scientist in the United States by G. I. Shipov was elected Man of the Year for 1998." (Science and the subtle world).
But all theories, like the theory of "Physical vacuum" is built on the basis of the theoretical findings using complex mathematical equations, and not natural, practical concepts and experiments, as a result there is no scientifically informed worldview in contrast to the existing religious, mythological or philosophical.
Multiple attempts to create a "unified theory of everything" is still not successful, as evidenced by numerous publications with various versions of that show unfathomable depth of the pendency of this theory

1.5. Goals and objectives

The aim of this thesis is the introduction of a new worldview by revealing the answers to many of the existing science and worldview issues and problems indicated in claim 1.3., based on the obvious and the real facts, not the most complicated theory on several levels, which were described in section 1.4.
In development adopted in 1996 the decision "Further development of science is impossible without taking into account the phenomenon that we call the aura, the energy-informational field". offer me the Outlook is based on the energy information system of the cosmos, which consists of electromagnetic waves, which is all the information in the form of programs, plans, intentions, according to which matter is created, life is formed and all that is in the vastness of Space. In the same theory of "physical vacuum" is being presented as something indefinite - "the seventh level – Absolute Nothingness (the overmind, God, the Maximum Sustainable Level of Reality, etc.). – Absolute Nothingness – the Supreme power generating plans of vacuum (not matter and plans-plans: some relationships, laws, matrix potential, the idea, which will build a financial plan – specific matter)".

1.6. Novelty, theoretical and practical significance.

A brilliant inventor in the field of energy N. Tesla wrote: "In the day when we will understand, what is "electricity", will witness an event of still greater and more important than all the events in the history of mankind".
This Outlook reveals the nature of the origin of electricity. The novelty is that all the processes on Earth and throughout the Cosmos proceed in accordance with the programs and other information on the electromagnetic waves because electromagnetic waves carry the information of what became known less than 100 years. That is exactly emws on space, there are programs of formation of atoms, cells, and other elementary particles, which themselves are formed from emws, and programs of the origin and development of living organisms.
In this case, the atoms and cells are rotating emws in the magnetic field created by the energy themselves emws, whereby each atom is a solenoid at the ends of the axis which is formed a potential difference and magnetic poles. The result is an electric energy in the form of electron volts and magnetic energy of gravity – the graviton.
Also N. Tesla said that the human brain is a device for connection with the cosmos. The cosmic mind is associated with the human mind through the convolutions of the brain, which are the antenna, which is personal to each individual by analogy with fingerprints, tuned to a personal energy system. It is through the convolutions of the brain, we gain personal energy for their growth and our thoughts, knowledge, dreams, and other information.

1.7. Provisions for the protection of:

1.7.1. The universe (Cosmos) is eternal, with no beginning or end – infinite.
1.7.2. Primary electromagnetic wave Space – carriers of energy and information.
1.7.3. The energy of electromagnetic waves is the Creator of the material world, the source of motion and of life itself,
1.7.4. Life on Earth and other objects in the Universe arises if there are necessary and sufficient conditions for the programs that are on the electromagnetic waves of the Cosmos.
1.7.5. Atoms represent the magnetic field in which the rotating EM wave, as a result, the atoms are sources of EMF and gravity.
1.7.6. The formation and destruction of star systems occurs under the influence of gravity.