A new worldview "Noocosmism"

Theoretical physics

in physical and mathematical Sciences

UDC 530.1

Mountains. Moscow 2015

All brilliant – easy!

"Authority, based on the opinions of thousands, in matters of science is not worth a spark of reason at the one and only".
Galileo Galilei

Table of contents
№ p\p title Page.
1. • Introduction
a. o Key terms and definitions
b. o abstract
c. o Relevance
d. o the Development and current state of worldview
e. o Goals and objectives
f. o Novelty, theoretical and practical significance
g. o provisions for the protection of
2. • Processes in the universe
a. o Existing theories about the Universe
b. o the universe exists initially
c. o the Formation of star systems and planet Earth.
d. o the Change in mass of the earth and its inhabitants
e. o climate Change
f. o Magma of the earth and volcanoes.
3. • Electromagnetic waves
a. o the Physical essence of emws
b. o Wave theory.
c. o emws – a source of energy and media
d. o Energy emws is the Creator of matter
e. o What comes first.
f. o Consciousness and higher mind – Nookosmizm
4. • The structure of atoms
a. o History of development of atomic structure
b. o Dualism of elementary particles
c. o the structure of the atom new Outlook\
d. o Source of gravitation and electricity
i.  Existing theory of the origin of gravity
ii.  Source of gravitation and electricity.
e. o Energy emws.
5. • The origin of life on Earth
a. o Existing theories
b. o Life occurs through Space
6. • What is a "Soul"
a. o the Ordinary understanding of the Soul
b. o What a Soul is in a physical sense
c. o When and by whom formed the soul
d. o Reincarnation and the transmigration of souls.
e. o Changes the soul
7. • What is the brain
a. o the Brain is a receiver of information from space
b. o Change of perception
i.  changes as a result of organ transplantation
ii.  Changes as a result of head injuries
c. o Where are the thoughts, dreams and knowledge.
d. o language – the consciousness of the people
8. • Conclusion
9. • The application
10. • List of abbreviations and symbols
11. • 11. The list of references and applications.