8. Conclusion.

This concept of the universe "a New worldview – Nookosmizm" arose in connection with the transition of planet Earth together with our Solar system from under the energetic influence of the constellation of Pisces in the sphere of influence of energy-informational system of the constellation of Aquarius, which by analogy with the influence of the planets on the human characters, known as the signs of the Zodiac, will lead to a gradual change of religious-mystical worldview earthlings, based on the cult of God and gold, on the spiritual and moral Outlook based on the existing level of knowledge that is already possible today to explain many of the fundamental concepts and solve many philosophical problems. This thesis initiated the formation of a Unified concept of the universe "New world Outlook – Nookosmizm", establishes the primacy of energy-information System of the Cosmos (AISC) in the processes of formation of matter and emergence of life on other planets. For Electromagnetic waves AISC is limitless information, including the program of formation of the atoms and cells of the emws, program conception, development and reproduction of living organisms, dreams, thoughts, knowledge, laws, visions, images and any other information. All known energy – gravitational, potential, kinetic, thermal, nuclear, etc. are derived from electromagnetic energy electromagnetic waves, which are ubiquitous and which pervades the entire cosmos.
That is, the Creator of everything in the Universe is infinite energy with infinite information on the Electromagnetic Waves of a Single energy-information system of the Cosmos, which is also "Space or Higher mind"Thus, the religious concept of creation of all things a kind of God the Creator is replaced by the scientifically based concept of primordial existence in the infinite expanse of the initially existing Space energy of electromagnetic waves in the form of a single energy-information system, which is the Creator of living and non-living matter or the one God - Creator in the Cosmic mind or Cosmic consciousness. This matter itself is a form of existence of energy of electromagnetic waves of Space in the form of atoms or closed cells as energy substances. Thus, the philosophical debate about "What is primary consciousness or matter" has the following solution:
In contrast to the consciousness (mind) of man, which is an attribute of living matter - the person, i.e. it is secondary to living matter and represents the movement and processing of information specific subject material, and Cosmic consciousness (mind) is the Creator of matter, that is primary in relation to the matter, the highest form of which is the People. Any ideas, laws, programs, inventions, ideologies, religion, etc. come to mind a specific person through his relationship with him inherent in the energy system of the cosmos. Therefore, religions, ideologies and their modifications, there are countless, among them the struggle is turning into an open confrontation in the form of wars and revolutions. And since now it is scientifically proven that primary consciousness as the movement of energy and information with emws, we need to start to restore order in it. After all, without the purification of consciousness we will not be able to move further along the path of cosmic evolution.