7. What is the brain

7.1. The brain is a receiver of information from space

Early in the last century, the consummate inventor on the use of cosmic energy, whose name is called unit of magnetic induction - Nikola Tesla, directly cerovive their knowledge of the cosmos, said: "the Brain is just the receiver". But this statement is still not even mentioned the official "science". This article gives an explanation of the nature of this connection of the brain and the cosmos.
In sections 4 and 6 says that all human cells are composed of electromagnetic waves (emws) personal to each individual energy-information system of the cosmos (AISC), which is formed during the time of conception. As a result, all human cells have a specific range of frequencies, which is confirmed by a single spectrum of DNA for all parts of the body. Accordingly, in the process of formation of the human body is formed and the brain personal to each individual configuration of the convolutions of the brain, as evidenced by personal to each individual fingerprints. Created from emws personal AISC configuration of the convolutions of the brain is an antenna that is configured on the corresponding AISC particular person. The energy that a person gets from food, serves as a catalyst for growth of human tissue from emws personal EISK.
In contrast to the apparent view that all information of a particular person contained in the cells of his brain, in fact the human brain has only part of its information EISK. For comparison, you can take your computer. We know that the computer is operational, a permanent memory, internal and external memory. In addition, the computer includes a so-called processor that processes incoming information. Also a person has memory, i.e. information that can be used by the processor – the brain in a given time. There is a permanent memory – for example, genetic memory, which is almost impossible to change because it is rooted in a conception of man and saved his life. Although replacing organs, you can change and genetic memory. There is also a permanent memory in the form most frequently used data, but which appeared in the human consciousness as a result of communication with other living beings and objects or incorporated initially in the genetic memory. This information may eventually go out of permanent memory. But since this information is energy, then it does not disappear, but is transferred from a permanent internal memory to the external memory, first in the aura, and then out into space. Here it is stored for energy of the universe, because the energy does not disappear and does not arise from nothing. Hence, this information can fall back to the same person or to another, if the carrier wave is their energy system of the cosmos (hereinafter AISC) is the same. The analogy of the external memory for a computer are different drives, flash drives and other media that can if necessary be connected again. The space analogy of human memory is the memory for the computer that exists on the Internet on various computer databases, when referring to the address which we get the information we need. Mainly we consume information, not issued by us and other people. That is, we are both sources and receivers of information each other.
What is our consciousness? This movement impulses as some set of information that we have in our brain, in our aura, in our soul, with which or through which we commit certain actions. Moreover, as in the computer, the screen information may be changed, and in our minds information also changes. So what our consciousness is different from motion information in the computer? Only what we can do to change your thoughts, that is, operational information in the mind, and the computer only given us the program and depending on external influences. So the mechanism of remembering and existence of the information is the same – in the form of electrical
When our consciousness is in a certain language. What's a letter or word? If we turn to the computer, we will see that each letter corresponds to a certain sequence of pulses. The human nervous system, which also applies pulses of energy. That is the letter in human consciousness is also a specific sequence of pulses. But, as people have different languages, and computer literacy also has different programming languages. And in the absence of a specific repeater understanding between different languages is impossible as humans and the computer.
Now technology, including biotechnology are developing so rapidly that you have already created a computer that reads a person's thoughts to more stable connections than the brains of the most famous soothsayers and clairvoyants. So the frequency of our energy fields of the aura corresponds to the wavelength of 7-8 millimeters. That frequency of energy and you can find information about our body, about the state of our bodies, our thoughts, our consciousness, that is, it actually is our soul. Thus, all of EM waves is information. And the information on them can be any.

7.2. Change the brain

7.2.1. Changes as a result of head injuries

In many publications it is stated that as a result of brain injury after leaving some people begin to speak in other languages, while forgetting their native language. This phenomenon has a special name - "Bilingual aphasia". Psychiatrist Miho Milas noted that there are descriptions of cases, when after a serious illness, people began to speak in new languages, up to the ancient and dead, and no one knew what changes to this lead. http://www.infoniac.ru/news/Avstraliec- … iski.html, http://pharmapractice.ru/17489, http://health.unian.net/
Explained this phenomenon by the fact that as a result of brain injury there is a change in the configuration of the convolutions, resulting in changes the frequency spectrum expected by the brain.

7.2.2. Changes as a result of organ transplantation

According to Professor of psychology and medicine at University of Arizona Gary Schwartz at least 10% of people who have undergone heart transplant, lung, kidney or liver, along with donor agencies acquire tendencies and habits of their former and natural owner. People completely change their eating habits and even lifestyle. However, as it turned out these traits in behavior were characteristic of the donors from whom organs were obtained. Moreover, there are often operated new talents they received from donors.
In the late 1990-ies Professor Schwartz became widely known after he formulated his own theory of the existence of human consciousness after death in special physical forms, which is still a matter of controversy and debate in scientific circles.
This phenomenon is explained by the fact that each person has all its organs consist of emws specific EISK. Although the person dying, but all of its cells and thus organs created by a specific AISC remain and have the same range. If AISC powerful donor AISC patient, the whole energy of the patient is replaced by the energy donor. It is interesting to conduct research – before the transplantation of organs to remove the patient's fingerprints. Then compare them with the fingerprints, if you change a person's character. If the change will happen in fingerprints, then it confirms that changes and configuration of the convolutions of the brain that will change the EIS.

7.2. Where are the thoughts, dreams, knowledge

As we explained in section 3 of "Electromagnetic waves" on emws Space contains endless information about everything. In paragraph 7.1. we found that the convolutions of the brain is the antenna for connection with the energy system of the Cosmos. If there is information and its receiver, it follows that our brains receive information from its EISK. This can be any thoughts, dreams, knowledge, any information. So dreaming is received during sleep, as only in a dream the person is disconnected from external factors and is in closer contact with its grid system of the cosmos. So we in sleep sometimes dreaming, stories that we ourselves could not see in my life.
Also when we think about any problem, we mentally tune on this topic, thus, we draw the corresponding energy, as a result, we can obtain some information on this topic. Of course it depends on the person's ability, from the availability of information in its EIS. So D. I. Mendeleev studied questions of atomic structure, the involvement of the relevant energies he had a table named after him.
When we pray, we turn to something clean and bright. Naturally attracting clean energy, which affects our organs, the nervous system. So you can pray any bright ideas, bright image.

7.3. Language is the consciousness of the people

7.3.1.. The origins of language

Now a lot of publications on the origin of languages in which different researchers are trying to prove that their language was first referred to in other languages. Such reasoning is absurd, at least for the reason that when America was discovered - the local people had their own languages. On Amazon and in Africa there are tribes that were not in contact with anyone but each tribe its language. Also how are the people, animals and world of plants in different points of the Earth arose and evolved independently from each other through Space. Confirmation of the existence of emws on the Space of integral system of different languages (like the growth and development of life on Earth) are the cases of people, who has been in an accident or because of illness changed the configuration of the convolutions of the brain, they either forgot about his past, either went crazy or began to speak in other languages, although in the past these languages never told, or they have supernatural abilities. For example, Wang began to see the past and future after brain injury.
The consciousness of each person is the language that laid its communication in the first years of life. But all the native language and spoke once people are on appropriate language AISC, that is naturally tied to a specific site of origin of the nation. That is, the formation of language takes place in conjunction with the formation of the nation depending on the energetic site of the emergence of the nation and energy flows of the cosmos with the relevant space programmes of the emergence and development of the people.
That is the language of a nation is the particular creation of energy-informational system, an inherent territory of origin of the nation. But when a language has perverted the meaning of words in an inappropriate initial space, and sometimes completely opposite when the words are replaced by foreign, then the people as a native language will be degraded, so violated as holistic power of language created a Space that affects the minds of people. For example, from the word "Veda", which means "to know" when "woman" or by modern "healers" were called "witches" with a negative meaning in contrast to the original, and started them on the Church's persecution just because they like gods - without medication treated people.
After the revolution of 1917 the Russian textbook "Bukvar", derived from letters Russian letter "B"– books (letters), altered under the "alphabet" from the Latin "alpha". Now Russian language clogs various foreign words, to the extent that Russian words are replaced by foreign, although the words in each language are different in their build, their complexity, their energy. Clogging the alien language words thereby collapses the energy structure of language. The language has and genetics of the people, every person thinks, thinks in their native language, that is, human consciousness manifests itself through a specific language. Although talking and in several languages. And since a particular language is the basis of consciousness (or the mind of man and nation), and the mind (mental powers of man and nation) in accordance with the language may be more or less developed. Therefore, in spreading the Russian language the English word, breaks down the genetics of the Russian people, leading to its degradation.

7.3.2. The change of consciousness of children

People, unlike animals, do not feel the approach of earthquakes. And the feeling they have apparently not lost over the years. Although the same dogs and cats life is shorter than human several times, but meow and bark they start, literally almost from birth and the language they are far more primitive human. But also known many cases of children remembering who they were in past life - That is, in childhood the consciousness is directly connected to your energy system of the Cosmos. But gradually with the development of spoken language by 5-6 years the child ceases to remember his past.
Specialists dealing with this issue, of course, don't understand why this is happening. But if to draw an analogy with the attitudes and abilities of people who have received a traumatic brain impact, which led to the switching of the individual to talk in other languages, or the emergence of some exceptional (psychic) abilities to read information about the past or his future or other people, disable children's ability to remember his past life is the change of the arrangement of the convolutions of the brain. This is possible either under the influence of changing the magnitude of the brain and area of brain, or under the influence of a language that differs from the implied space-this can only be Determined in the tribes who are isolated from so-called civilization, whose language is close to the inherent space.