The nature of electricity, gravity, dark matter, etc.
Oskin Victor
Первична энергия ЭМВ
Природа электричества, гравитации, тёмной материи и т.д.

Author of the report: Victor Oskin

Scientific category: 01.04.15 Physics and technology of nanostructures, atoms and molecules

Abstract: N. Tesla: "on the day when we understand what" electricity"is, we will witness an event even greater and more important than all the events in the history of mankind." Having understood the nature of electricity, we will understand the nature of gravity, dark matter, ball lightning, find a solution to other problematic issues of modern physics and biology.  In particular, we learn what consciousness, soul, brain, how life is born, etc.: Душа - первична

Key words: EMW, energy, information, atomic structure, elementary particles, electricity, gravity, dark matter, Creator, God, Supreme mind.

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The nature of electricity and gravity has so far remained an unsolved scientific problem. But if on the issue of gravity there is a law of universal gravitation, and by the nature of gravity itself there are several versions, then electricity is widely used by mankind as a given, without delving into the nature of this important physical phenomenon.
Although the indisputable authority in the field of electricity N. Tesla wrote: "on the day when we understand what 'electricity' is, we will witness an event even greater and more important than all the events in the history of mankind."
If we have not yet been able to solve this problem, therefore, for the discovery of the nature of electricity and gravity, fundamental changes in the approach to the question of the structure of atoms and their involvement in electricity and gravity are necessary. As Galileo Galilei said: "in science, the opinion of the world community is not worth the spark of reason alone (man)." That is, what I will say next does not correspond to the modern understanding of the structure of the atom.
The solution of this problem was impossible until now due to the fact that quantum mechanics is based on the erroneous concept of the structure of the atom, consisting of protons, electrons, etc., i.e. as a warehouse of elementary particles, which have been discovered for more than 400. The first blow to the system of the Bohr structure of the atom caused by E. Schrödinger showed in his formula that "an electron is a probability wave".
Swiss scientists from the European center for nuclear research (CERN) experimentally proved that a portion (quantum) of virtual waves under certain conditions forms some particles, and with the other interaction of the same waves, the particles completely disappear.
Cascade of the latest scientific discoveries of Nobel laureates Paul Davis, David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine showed that, going deep into matter, faced with the facts of its complete disappearance. That is, matter breaks up into electromagnetic waves.
Therefore, matter is created from nematter, that is, from nothing – from waves. Even the Bible said that God made everything out of nothing when there was nothing. Here, too, the problem is that in physics there is no clear definition of the concept of matter and what is primary.
Each atom emits a certain spectrum of EMWs, which are these waves. There are no other waves in atoms, because you can only radiate what is inside. If we proceed from the fact that electrons are EMW, which by their nature move independently, then it is clear why these "waves – electrons" rotate inside atoms.

Discovery # 1.

"Photons, like other 'elementary particles', are beams of EMW."
The scientific community is faced with the dilemma of the duality of elementary particles, which appear as traces on the recording screens in the form of peaks and troughs as from waves, then as a clear trace as from a particle. Why is this happening?
According to ampere's law on the attraction of wires through which current flows in one direction, these wires are attracted as a consequence of the interaction of magnetic fields rotating around the wires according to the rule of the driller.
What is EMW? This is the same rotating electromagnetic field-that is, the same field as around the current wires. As a result, when the EMW of the same frequency moves in parallel, these EMW merge into a beam - photon, which when hit on the recording screen leave a trace as from the particles.
In any accelerators, these so-called" elementary particles " are also recorded as traces on the screens or target lesions. And the more powerful the accelerator, the larger the footprint of the accelerated "particles".
This is a consequence of the fact that to accelerate the "particles" they are affected by electromagnetic fields, which are also em waves. And so the energy of these EM waves from each accelerating device is gradually summed, connecting to the corresponding beam, and as a result we get the corresponding trace, which is issued for a new elementary particle.
So there is no duality of EC, because there is no EC. Rather, the only EC are atoms that consist of EMW. In this sense, an atom can be considered dual as a particle consisting of EMW.

Discovery # 2.

Atoms-a rotating EMW in a magnetic shell created by the rotation of the energy of the same em Waves, long, corresponding to the mass and size of the atom.
Modern science does not explain on what basis the atoms of different elements are formed from different numbers of protons, if there and there protons are the same. There is no answer to this question, because there are no protons, neutrons and electrons in atoms, but only EM waves. Therefore, according to the spectrum of the element, we see that each element allocates its own spectrum of EMW.
The atom of the corresponding element is formed from a specific spectrum of EMW, so the size and properties of the atom depend on the wavelength of EM, from which it is formed and consists. The larger the size and mass of an atom, the longer the waves it emits. In this case, the composition of atoms can be EMW not only of the same length, but also multiples of their waves.
The presence of multiple waves of the main wave creates the corresponding isotopes.
Valence is a consequence of the presence of EMW of the same frequency in atoms that interact. If there are waves of the same frequency, the valence is 1. If 2 frequency of EMW-valence-2.

Discovery # 3:
Each atom is a magnet and therefore a source of gravity.
According to Newton's law-the greater the mass of an object, the stronger its gravitational attraction. But since any material object consists of atoms, therefore, the gravitational component depends on the number of atoms in the object. Based even on this fact, the conclusion is that each atom is a source of attraction – gravity. This is confirmed by the following.
From the rotation in the atoms of the electric component of em Waves, as a result, we obtain a solenoid with a rotating electric energy of EMW, at the ends of the axis of rotation of which magnetic poles and a magnetic field around the atom are formed. That is, each atom is a small magnet.
Many small magnets make up the total magnetic force of attraction of each object. Or its gravitational field. So the Earth and any cosmic body has its gravity depending on the number of atoms in its composition.
Thus, the only source of attraction – gravity are atoms (and cells).
This is confirmed by experience in Space.
"So during the flight in Space astronaut don Pettit watched as in zero gravity at first scattered in bags particles of sugar, salt, coffee powder gradually connected with each other, that is, attracted themselves. Thus " Astronaut Pettit made a Grand discovery!": "In the conditions of space weightlessness particles do not fly separately, but join together. Particles of dust, collide with each other, growing to each other, grow to large particles". "The experiments carried out by NASA cosmonaut, thanks to the air force / 11 / became known to a wide range of persons. But to explain the behavior of particles in this experiment, based on modern physical concepts, is not possible" [6]".
The explanation of this phenomenon is that on Earth under the influence of gravitational attraction to the Earth, the interaction between the bodies is much less than the friction force from the attraction of each of them by the Earth. So if you put two magnets at a great distance, they will not be attracted to each other. But as soon as the magnets get closer to each other at a distance at which their mutual attraction will be stronger than the earth's attraction, they will immediately connect.
That is, based on the fact that each atom is a small magnet, and when there are many such magnets – atoms (for example-the Earth), their totality is the gravitational field of the Earth.
Confirmation of atoms as a source of attraction (gravity) are also magnets of iron, the axes of atoms which under the influence of a magnetic field created by an electric current are arranged by the corresponding poles in one direction, as a result at one end of the magnet all the North poles of one external atoms are obtained, and at the other end – the South poles of the atoms of the other end of the magnet. In this case, the magnetic energy is closed by means of magnetic lines of force already outside the magnet itself or interact with other magnets. And atoms are built because the atoms themselves inside consist of EMW, which rotate freely, and not as a set of some elementary particles on the existing interpretation of quantum physics.

Discovery # 4:

The atom is a source of electricity.

Since EM waves consist of electric and magnetic energies, from the rotation of the magnetic component of EM Waves inside the atom, the result is a solenoid with a rotating magnetic energy of EMW, at the ends of the axis of rotation of which EMF is formed. That is, each atom is a small battery.
From physics, we also know that when the wires are crossed by magnetic lines of force at the ends of the wire EMF occurs.  This is because, under the influence of wire intersections with magnetic lines, the atoms of the wire line up with their ends of the axis of rotation of EMW in series " + "of one atom to" – " of the other. And since there are many atoms, and each of them represents a battery with EMF, their serial connection gives the sum of EMF of the entire chain of atoms. Thus, EMF is formed at the ends of the wire, that is, electricity.

Discovery # 5.

Dark matter

The conclusion about the existence of dark matter is made on the basis of numerous consistent with each other, but indirect evidence of the behaviour of astrophysical objects and they create gravitational effects. Finding out the nature of dark matter will help to solve the problem of hidden mass, which, in particular, is abnormally high speed of rotation of the outer regions of galaxies[2]. The hidden mass is called the unobservable substance, the existence of which in the Universe is manifested in gravitational influences. In short-Dark matter creates an additional gravitational attraction.
From the above, we have found that atoms are an energy object. These energy objects make up any body, any cosmic object. And the rotation of energy creates a magnetic field and EMF. So many energy objects-atoms-rotating with the composition of planets or galaxies creates a magnetic field and planets and galaxies, which in addition to the gravitational field attracts other space objects. 
So the gravitational attraction between the Earth and the Moon is almost two times less than between the Sun and the Moon, (the force of attraction of the moon to the Earth FPR.L. Z. ≈ 1,98 * 1020 N., the force of attraction of the moon to the Sun FPR.HP ≈ 4.33 * 1020 N. - their FPR attitude.HP/Fпр.L. Z. ≈ 2,2.). But the Moon is held by The earth's magnetic field in addition to The earth's gravitational field.
But since the magnetic lines of force are not visible, it gives the impression of dark (invisible) matter.


Burinskii A. Ya. <>
To: Victor Oskin
November 4, 6:48
Victor, I almost completely agree with you. For me personally, all your statements are neither news nor discovery. We are all brainwashed and now satisfied with the censorship of the journals and the archive of public opinion has not changed.
But the problem is that we need not words, but a detailed mathematical description.
Kerr's decision is a revolution, and it will make it possible. I'm hinting at my (mostly recent) work.
Victor Oskin:

Alexander!  E. Schrödinger wrote the equation of the electron as splashing waves. If you could write the equation of an atom as rotating electromagnetic waves inside an atom, it would be a global sensation.


Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 0: 50 +03: 00 by Evgeny Bagotsky
Victor Oskin, what do you want to prove?
You do not deny the wave theory of atomic structure based on the schrödinger equation
She's kind of always been a characteristic of duality such as light -particle and wave
But you deny the protons and electrons, although they are such as had already been observed experimentally by physicists ?
But the magnetic properties of an atom that you get an idea of the rotation of the waves - they were somehow experimentally discovered?
It's not very clear you're replacing gravity with magnetic attraction?
And how is Newton's classical theory of gravitation - the law of gravitation? Does it work only at the macro level?
Your model doesn't contradict her?
And how do the leading physicists feel about all this?
Yevgeny Bagotsky

Victor Oskin:
Eugene! Everything genius is simple. The entire space is permeated by electromagnetic waves, which make up all matter.
1. I do not deny the wave theory of the structure of the atom, but on the contrary - I claim that atoms are rotating EMW in the magnetic shell created by them. Schrödinger just showed that electrons are waves. And how do these electrons (as well as other so-called "elementary particles", which have already been discovered by more than 400, which supposedly consist of protons and neutrons) manifest themselves? - in the form of traces on the screen. But there are no facts of their existence live. (The only existing EC are atoms.) Hence, protons are waves. Experimentally, protons and electrons manifest themselves as traces and nothing else. The Higgs boson is 120 times larger than the proton determined by the traces on the screen. Complete nonsense.
2. This is because THEY are attracted to each other in the same frequency by the ampere law of attraction of two conductors with current. What is the difference between current wire and EMW? The fact that EMW is not the material of the conductor, like the wires. But around the current-carrying wire a magnetic field is formed, and EMW themselves are a rotating magnetic field. That is, photons (sunlight) and other EC are not particles, but kidneys AT the same frequency. These beams give the effect of particle impact on the recording screen. So no dualism in the so-called ned AH – AH – a bundle of ehmv of the same frequency.
Take a magnifying glass and let the sunlight through it. We get the merge, the concentration of EM V.
3. The fact that atoms have magnetic properties is evidenced by the fact that any solid substances ( they all consist of atoms) are solid because all their atoms are strongly attracted to each other. They are sometimes difficult to separate,but you can cut, break. What they are so attracted to each other – the fact that each atom is a magnet. Can you name the nature of this attraction other than magnetic? The existing theory of the" Great Union"is the theory that all the forces that exist in nature are a manifestation of one universal fundamental force."
This fundamental force is electromagnetism. There are no weak and strong interactions in atoms, since atoms consist of rotating EMW, and not of more than 400 EH, which are not. And to justify their existence and come up with strong, weak, possible and average interactions for doctoral degrees.

4. My concept (not a theory) is supported by the concept of Newton about the gravitational interaction. And I argue that gravity is magnetism. Consequently, the fact that atoms are the sources of gravity (gravity) confirms Newton's law: The greater the mass (and any mass consists of atoms), that is, the more atoms, the stronger the gravity. Have you ever held in your hands a lot of small magnets in 3-4 mm? They're attracted to each other.  And this is confirmed by the theorists of the "Great Union" - that all the forces that exist in nature are a manifestation of one universal fundamental force " - the name of which they do not know, although it is electromagnetism.

5. About leading physicists.
If you as a PhD looking for a Ph. D., but the Commission will have to say not what they taught you in the sitting fee, get you a doctor? What did the leading scientists of that time do to Copernicus?
In this regard, Galileo Galilei said: "in science, the opinion of leading scientists is not worth the spark of reason alone." That is, when a new fundamental law is opened, all previous theories in this direction are recognized as erroneous, outdated.
So I discovered a new law of atomic structure that disproves Bohr's theory, develops Schrödinger's theory of the electron as a wave. On the basis of this discovery (attempts of such discovery have already been, but they were ignored by leading academics, because then their titles will be questioned) solved many problems of modern quantum, space physics and physiology.  Therefore, the opinion of leading scientists who disagree with my concept is wrong. They'll have to retrain.