Source of gravity
Victor Oskin
11 Feb 2016 on all media there was a news story about the discovery of the source of gravitational waves billions of light-years from Earth. The absurdity of this open source is that any material object has an energy of attraction of gravity. And the smallest object is an atom. That is, once an atom is created it becomes a gravitational object not dependent on any process in the universe.
Therefore present as a sensation and claims to the Nobel prize discovery of gravitational waves is similar to the pseudoscientific theories of Relativity, Black holes, curvature of space and time is of the mathematical world of fairy tales of the 20th century: they contradict Classical electrodynamics. That is, until the atom is created, it immediately creates a magnetic or gravitational field, regardless of the processes in the universe, the more distant in millions of light years. So try to determine the speed of propagation of gravitational waves is also absurd, first, because no gravitational waves, no – there is a gravitational field. Secondly, gravity is already present in any material object. For example, when approaching the comet with the Earth, their gravitational fields are progressively more and more interact with each other. And when they hit the Ground their mutual gravitational field becomes total and no distribution should not be, because the General field already exists.
Proof that even the smallest particles have the energy of attraction (or gravity) are experiments conducted in space NASA Astronaut Donald Roy Pettit (don Pettit). Being on the international space station, he took a plastic bag, fell asleep in one of them the sugar and salt, in another coffee powder. Then he inflated the bags and saw all these particles began to shape each other, forming clumps". Don Pettit repeatedly shook the packet, stirred the contents, but the food particles once again rushed to each other.
According to the Wave theory of the torsion fields of the atoms as elementary particles represent a torus in a magnetic field which rotates ehmv. And as EMV is the energy of its rotation formed by the magnetic axis and the potential difference at the ends of the axis of the torus. Therefore, all the atoms in solid materials are firmly bound to each other like magnets and no protons, neutrons, and electrons in the atoms there, and they are formed out of atoms. This is confirmed by the studies of E. Fermi (1901-1954), who along with other physicists suggested that electrons and neutrinos before his departure from the radioactive nucleus do not exist in the kernel, so to speak, ready-made, but formed in the process of radiation.
Proof that gravity is a consequence of electromagnetic energy is the fact that besides the attraction of the body of the Earth there is a magnetic pull from the Earth's rotation around its axis, because the rotational energy as in any solenoid creates a magnetic field the Earth's magnetic axis. Therefore, despite the fact that the gravitational attraction of matter between the earth and the Moon is almost two times less than that between the Sun and the Moon, (the force of attraction between the moon and Earth Fпр.L.Z. ≈ 1,98 * 1020 N. the gravity of the moon to the Sun Fпр.L.With. If 4,33 * 1020 N. - their attitude Fпр.L.With./Fпр.L.Z. ≈ 2,2.)., The moon is held by the magnetic field of the Earth in addition to the gravitational field of the Earth. [2]
Gravitation is an electromagnetic attraction is created by atoms from which the material object – the more atoms, the larger the object the stronger the gravitational field. If the object, such as Earth, rotates, the rotational energy of a huge number of atoms creates a magnetic axis and the magnetic field around this object, which increases the gravitational attraction. The EMV also deflected under the influence of gravity in consequence of the fact that in addition to the mutual compensation of the rotation of the electric and magnetic component carrier on EMV are pulses of information that are diverse and do not have the appropriate compensation. Therefore, references to a kind of curvature of space is incorrect, because to talk about the curvature is something you need to have the borders of this space, which Space is not.
Victor Oskin
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