What is the primary God-Creator?

This article provides an answer to the age-old argument "There is a God or not?" "What is primary – consciousness or matter?": The primary (and, consequently, God the Creator) are electromagnetic waves that filled the space, including atoms and cells. The decision of these questions is the basis for the creation of "a Unified concept of the universe "Neoconism"", a "theory of everything" tried and till now try to create the world's leading scientists, but they fail to bridge the gap between micro and macro-world. But the problem lies in the fact that the consciousness dominated by stereotypes of scientists that developed religions and theories of previous scientists. And just coming out of these stereotypes you can create a new worldview, a new conception of the universe. But it's according to the saying of Galileo Galilei: “In science the authority of thousands of opinions means not so much as one tiny spark of reason in the individual” is able to make the one who is not tied to these stereotypes.
And because of these stereotypes of scientists around the world are unable to solve many existing problems: the origin of life, the soul, UFO, gravity, Earth, etc. In particular raise the question of the origin of the Universe, that is completely absurd, because the universe, as the Time, and emws exist initially and they had not been created. But these issues have been resolved, based on the primacy of the emws, but the recognition of that concept even at the level of individual academics from science, not to mention global recognition, prevent the stereotypes of mainstream science.
So in the question of the "primacy of consciousness or of matter" there is no concept of "What is consciousness". But "consciousness" is a flow of information that occurs only with the aid of electromagnetic waves, for the carrier component of which is information. There are two types of consciousness – the individual and the Cosmic consciousness or the Cosmic mind – so goes the argument – what is primary. So for consciousness to specific living organisms the primary is the body itself – that is, matter whose brain is what creates the consciousness of the individual - his thoughts, control his own activity, our dreams in the form of a TV series from the lives of our relatives, etc. And the cosmic consciousness or the mind of the Comic, which consists of endless and countless emws Space itself creates matter, including the individual.
In the question "is There a God or not?" also contains a deliberate substitution of the heart of the matter, because from the moment of occurrence "the person reasonable" people have been looking for the answer to the question: whence came man, nature, the Earth itself? So thousands of years billions of people (not only men) are born and grow for a few decades and all hands, feet, head, heart etc. as if we all grow on one root program that someone created. But since science could not answer this question was proposed by a religious concept of a Creator God who supposedly created everything from nothing for a few days, even though we know that life formed by years and decades. That is, instead of answering the question: "What is the Creator of the material world, the source of motion and of life itself?", religion imposes to us a dispute about whether: "is There a God or not." – that is – "is There a Creator or not". Of course, the Creator is, but what it is and how the Creator controls the growth of billions of people, other living organisms, how and what creates matter?
That all life comes from the energy of sunlight is written in the ancient teachings of the East, in the Vedas, Aristotle 400 years before the imposition of Christianity. But since this knowledge does not conform to religious dogmas, so the authors were punished according to the laws of the Inquisition the death penalty. That is, it is religion that hinders the development of science, religious fanatics destroyed the Vedic knowledge, which now prohibit the Russian authorities, imposing religious dogma.
But with the development of science less than a hundred years ago, we learned that sun light is EM waves and signals, program management, television, mobile communication, etc. are transmitted using electromagnetic waves – even for satellites takes place through them. And these emws different frequency spectrum filled the entire space of the Cosmos. But if we humans, as a creation of the Cosmos, can create different programs and use them, it is natural to assume that these emws Space recorded all sorts of information, including the program of formation of atoms, cells, conception and growth of living organisms, plants, etc. Therefore, we grow in the Space that contains Electromagnetic waves (emws), the totality of which is Energy-system Space (AISC) or Higher mind (BP). So when they say that life on Earth come from outer Space, this is true in the sense that the programs of the origin and development of life on Earth come from outer Space. But they start to act when this occur the necessary and sufficient conditions. And since the conditions in different parts of the Earth are different, and the origin of life occur in accordance with local conditions.
Each individual consists of its personal energy spectrum, which confirms the range of DNA any cell that is different from the spectrum of other people. This spectrum is formed when the conception of a man EIS his parents (on this learn relatedness), site fertility (native land helps – belonging to the nation), nearest at the time of conception of the world (signs of the Zodiac - character), and the EIC of the Sun and the nearest at the time of conception of the Constellation. Thus, it was during the conception laid the nature, abilities and other data the future of man – that is the soul of man. And from this spectrum the own EIS of the child cells are created, which begins to form the body of the future man, including the configuration of the convolutions of the brain, which is set on the personal range EISK. And consumption of food serves only as an energy catalyst. By the way, if a person is buried, his body-soul will have worms and this can be equated to hell. If the corpse to burn, then light energy from the combustion of the corpse will fly into Space, that is, it can be equated to Paradise. By the way, when a person is adjudged to be in clinical death, the brain is connected directly to the EIC and he sees this Paradise its EIS.
So all the arguments about the inclusion of life on Earth alive by aliens is not true, because these aliens had not only to land in different parts of the Earth, but would have to bring all the animals, cockroaches, plants, etc. While this is bound to happen more than once. That is, the arrival of aliens – it's just fiction illiterate people, because everything is created on Earth through Space from energy Space, energy, territory and the environment. And all religion and gods are invented according to the policy of the colonialists – divide-and-conquer to split and bleed peoples, to Rob them. This global lie happen interreligious wars, terrorist attacks, which with exquisite cruelty, people killing each other. If in Christianity call for tolerance, to love his enemy, and when struck on one cheek should turn the other, then Vice versa in Islam is kill the infidel and ascend to heaven. Who will win here is who kills. Moreover, only one religion is the cross, which is the symbol of death, so placed on the graves and strewn them all of Russia and Europe, under the yoke which Christian countries are dying out, and are populated by Islamists and representatives of other religions.
That is exactly emws are the building blocks and architects of the material world, the source of all energies, including gravity and motion, and, consequently, life itself. But this simply does not attach importance, first, because of the supposed divine origin, and secondly, because of misconceptions about the structure of the atom, which allegedly are protons, neutrons, electrons, although they are formed only out of atoms. So according to the wave theory of the electron and other elementary particles are composed of a certain wave - about it wrote still D. Schrödinger at the beginning of the last century: "Electrons are waves splashing", which are EM waves, so they radiate all matter, every atom, and every person emits emws in the form of an aura.
And the lack of understanding and not awareness of this fact is because in the formation of atoms, cells, plant growth and living organisms from emws nothing to prepare, move, strengthen, don't, because emws moved independently of the program of formation of matter from emws emws are on themselves. But an indispensable condition for the emergence and growth of any living creature or plants appropriate to this climate. So that grass began to grow – requires a certain temperature, light (emws) and water.
Conclusion: "the Only Creator of the material world, the source of motion and gravity, the source of information in the form of programs of formation of atoms, the origin of life and development of living organisms are electromagnetic waves, the totality of which is energy system of the Cosmos or Higher (Cosmic) mind".
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Anti-religious worldview "Noocosmism". Anti-religious worldview "Noocosmism".
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Introduction 1. • Introduction
5 Processes in the universe  Processes in the universe
6 Electromagnetic waves  Electromagnetic waves
7 The structure of atoms  4. The structure of atoms
8 The origin of life on Earth  5. The origin of life on Earth
9 What is "Soul"  6. What is "Soul"
10 What is the brain 7. What is the brain
11 Conclusion.  Conclusion.

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