The concept of the universe Neoconism"

In Space initially (a priori) there are 3 infinite and the infinite of substance - time, space (Space) and electromagnetic waves (emws), which filled the entire infinite Space.
Time is infinite substance, characterizing the duration of the processes taking place in a boundless Universe (the Cosmos).

Space (Space) is infinite substance, in which there are processes of formation and decay of atoms, cells, living organisms, planets, star systems. Bethanne the space consists of countless galaxies that are part of supergalactic and so on to chaos, because any sverhozhirenie space can only be in even more infinite space.

Emws, by definition, are carriers of electrical and magnetic energy, which according to the law of conservation of energy does not disappear and does not arise out of nothing, that is there originally. All other types of energy (gravitational, kinetic, potential, etc.) are derived from energy emws. With emws are the only carriers of energy and information, the only sources of energy of motion and of life itself, because emws Space, by analogy with the information on the radio, television, Internet access-EM waves is infinite information, including the program of formation of atoms, cells, origin of life and growth of living organisms on Earth and other habitable planets, and various stories, scripts, all of the information about what has happened, is happening and will happen in the vastness of Space. Thus, the combination of emws of the Cosmos is a Unified system of energy-informational Space (UseiS) or the Supreme Cosmic Mind (SCM). Emws are the only building material from which are formed and consist of atoms, cells, all elementary particles, therefore the whole matter.

Thus atoms constitute a rotating emws in the magnetic field created by emws on the programs that are on these emws. Therefore, in the atoms, no protons, neutrons, and electrons. They are formed out of atoms. From physics it is known that the rotation of electrical energy in the coil generates at its ends two magnetic poles, and the rotation of magnetic energy generates an Electromotive force (EMF). And as emws are carriers of electrical and magnetic energy and, consequently, the rotation of the emws forms at the ends of the axis of rotation of the EMF and magnetic poles. Thus, every atom is a source of magnetic attraction, therefore, during the cooling of any substance the atoms are attracted to each other with different poles, whereby when the proper temperature is obtained the solid substance, which as we know from the law of gravity in turn also attract each other as many small magnets. That is, the atoms are like little magnets are sources of gravitational energy, and the more atoms, the stronger the pull of gravity.

Also, each atom having at the ends of the axis of rotation of the EMF is a source of electrical energy referred to as electron volts, so when the metal wire rotates in a magnetic field - all the atoms of the wire are arranged consistently with their poles the EMF, causing the ends of the wire obtained total EMF of all the atoms of the wire.

Thus, the atoms are the sources of electricity and gravity.

The proposed concept of the universe "Neoconism" also responds to the following questions:

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Anti-religious worldview "Noocosmism". Anti-religious worldview "Noocosmism".
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1. • Introduction 1. • Introduction
5 Processes in the universe  Processes in the universe
6 Electromagnetic waves  Electromagnetic waves
7 4. The structure of atoms  4. The structure of atoms
8 5. The origin of life on Earth  5. The origin of life on Earth
9 6. What is "Soul"  6. What is "Soul"
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